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Special programs for homes in targeted areas

The Authority works to support and enhance certain “targeted” neighborhoods in East Baton Rouge Parish by offering special mortgage terms for homes purchased within those areas. These special terms include allowing higher income levels for homebuyers and higher purchase prices for homes on the targeted areas.

Maximum income levels* for homebuyers in targeted areas are:

1-2 person family $75,480
3 + person family $88,060

The maximum purchase price for a home in a targeted area is $311,898

Click here to see a complete census map of East Baton Rouge Parish. The targeted areas are those which are highlighted in yellow. For a closer look at a specific census tract, click on one of the below links:

Targeted Area Tracts: Select a link below to view target area details on the Baton Rouge Planning Commission Website.

2.00 10.00 11.04 13.00
15.00 21.00 22.00 28.00

* Effective until September 1, 2010